Vision: Promote Clean and Green Energy.

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  • Ministry of Non-conventional Energy sources

  • Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency

  • Institute for Energy Studies, Anna university

  • Salem Dharmapuri Chamber of Commerce

  • Asia Carbon Group , Singapore

  • Lucas- TVS, Chennai

  • S RF Limited , New Delhi

  • Tulsyan NEC Limited, Chennai

  • Empee Group, Chennai

  • Patel Power Private Limited , Mumbai

  • V.K.G. Steel & Energy Pvt.Ltd. Chennai

  • Chitra Bio Energy Limited ,Chennai

  • R.K Powergen Private Limited, Chennai

  • Aurobindo Agro Energy Pvt.Ltd, Sivagangai

  • Ravikumar PowerGen Pvt.Ltd, Pondicherry

  • Sambhav Energy Limited, Sirohi, Rajasthan

  • Spark Green Energy Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai

  • Arashi Hi-Tech Bio-Power Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore

  • TNAFAC Industries Limited ,Cuddalore

  • Tamilnadu Heat Treatment & Fettling Services Pvt. Ltd.,


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